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Gabby's Dollhouse Set

Gabby's Dollhouse Set

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Gabby's Dollhouse Peg Doll Set

Dive into the whimsical world of Gabby and her animated pals with our Gabby's Dollhouse Peg Doll Set. Each doll, crafted with care and intricate detail, epitomizes a beloved character from the enchanting Gabby's Dollhouse series. From Pandy's playful demeanor to MerCat's aquatic elegance, Cakey's sweet charm, and CatRat's cheeky spirit, every figure is a vibrant representation of their unique personalities. With this set, recreate magical moments, embark on delightful adventures, and bring to life the tales from the Dollhouse.

For Your Gabby's Dollhouse Set of Four:
With our "Set of Four Option," we will include Pandy, MerCat, CatRat, and Fairy Cat by default. However, if there's another character from the series that has won your heart, please let us know. To customize the characters in your set, simply reach out to us via email at or send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Remember to send this message within a 24hr period to ensure we can accommodate the change before your package is dispatched.

Customizing Your Gabby's Dollhouse Set:
While our collection reflects the vibrant personalities of the main characters from Gabby's Dollhouse, we understand everyone has their unique favorites. If you'd like to switch characters or have a particular combination in mind for your set, we're here to help. Just contact us on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or via email at Let's work together to make your Gabby's Dollhouse set a dream come true!

Note: Please ensure you communicate your customization preferences within a 24-hour period to guarantee changes are made before your order is shipped.

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