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Artic Set

Artic Set

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Arctic Peg Doll Set

Venture into the frosty domains of the polar landscapes with our Arctic Peg Doll Set. Each doll, exquisitely hand-painted, brings to life the unparalleled creatures of the ice-covered terrains. This collection highlights the cheerful waddle of the penguin, the regal stride of the polar bear, the spirited frolic of the seal, and the tusky magnificence of the walrus. Through their detailed designs and vivid colors, we pay homage to the captivating wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

For those enchanted by the frozen expanses and the remarkable species that inhabit the icy waters and snowy plains, this set provides a delightful window into the wonders of the chilly wilderness. Dive deep into the world of polar fauna, whether for educational purposes or just to appreciate their beauty.

Arctic Set- Box Set

Our Box Set includes the bigger of the Four Dolls as well as some fun props such as trees and Ice to bring the winter wonderland to life. Not to mention that a nice easy travel box to store the sets in for future use.

Arctic Set(Full):
Our "Full Set" offers a balanced mix of Arctic wonders. It includes four larger peg dolls capturing the prominent features of the chosen creatures, accompanied by their four smaller counterparts. This combination allows for diverse interactions and setups, truly encapsulating the grandeur and charm of the Arctic in one comprehensive set. (Note props not included)

Arctic Set of Four - Big Doll Edition:
For those seeking a pronounced Arctic experience, our "Set of Four" is tailored to deliver. This edition exclusively features the larger versions of the Arctic characters, ensuring that every detail, from the intricate patterns to the vibrant colors, stands out magnificently. By default, this set highlights the penguin, polar bear, seal, and walrus in their full splendor.



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