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Bug Set

Bug Set

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Bug Peg Doll Set:

Dive into the intricate world of bugs with our Bug Peg Doll Set. Each figure, precisely crafted and hand-painted, embodies the beauty and detail of these often-overlooked creatures. From the delicate wings of the butterfly and the industrious nature of the ant to the robust armor of the beetle and the impressive architecture of the spider, this collection offers a close-up view of the tiny wonders that populate our world. Whether you're an entomologist at heart or simply fascinated by the smaller wonders of nature, this set promises an educational and captivating experience.

Customizing Your Bug Set:
While our collection showcases a variety of beloved bugs, we understand that the world of insects is vast and diverse. If there's a particular bug or specific design detail you're eager to capture, we're here to help. Simply reach out with your customization requests on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or email us directly at Let's join forces to create your unique insectarium.

Pick & Choose Bug Peg Doll Set of Four:

Deepen your exploration of the insect world with our Pick & Choose Bug Peg Doll Set. This specialized offering lets you curate a set of four peg dolls, handpicking from a myriad of bugs that inspire your curiosity and admiration. However, if preferences aren't communicated within a 24-hour period post-purchase, four bugs will be selected at random for your set, ensuring each unboxing is a delightful discovery.

Note on Customization:
For a tailored and accurate experience, please convey your customization requests within 24 hours of placing your order. Failure to communicate within this window may result in a default or randomly chosen selection being sent out. In the bug world, timing is everything – and so it is with us!

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