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Construction Crew Set

Construction Crew Set

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Construction Crew Peg Doll Set

Step into the dynamic world of urban development with our Construction Crew Peg Doll Set. This collection includes three diligently painted peg dolls, each capturing the spirit of the hardworking individuals that form the backbone of every construction site. Adorned in vibrant hues of bright orange, radiant yellow, and playful pink, these dolls bring to life the different roles, from meticulous bricklayers to vigilant safety inspectors. To complete the setting, the set features a stop/go sign. 

Customizing Your Construction Set:
Our standard set offers three distinct peg dolls and a customizable sign, but we understand the beauty of personal touches. If you have specific roles, design elements, color preferences, or a particular message for the sign, we're all ears. Reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram pages or send an email directly to With your vision and our craftsmanship, together we'll curate a peg doll set that perfectly encapsulates the bustling world of construction.

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