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Fairy Tale Set

Fairy Tale Set

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Fairy Tale Peg Doll Set:

Embark on a magical journey with our Fairy Tale Peg Doll Set. Each figure, exquisitely crafted and hand-painted, brings to life the enchanting characters from classic tales we've cherished for generations. From the brave knights and elegant princesses to mischievous elves and gentle giants, this collection is a gateway to a world of imagination, wonder, and timeless stories. Whether you're weaving new tales or reminiscing over ancient legends, this set promises to be a treasured companion in every storytelling session.

Customizing Your Fairy Tale Set:
While our collection is steeped in the essence of timeless tales, we appreciate that every storyteller might have a favorite character or a unique twist to a well-known story. If there's a particular character, scene, or accessory from a fairy tale that you're passionate about, we're eager to make it come alive. To make your set truly unique, reach out with your customization requests on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or email us directly at Together, let's create a fairy tale set that will be passed down through generations.


Note on Customization:
For an experience as unique as the tales themselves, please convey your customization requests within 24 hours of placing your order. A delay in communication might lead to a default or randomly chosen selection being dispatched. In the world of fairy tales, as in ours, every detail makes a difference. Let's weave your perfect story together!

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