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The Three Little Pigs Set

The Three Little Pigs Set

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The Three Little Pigs Peg Doll Set:

Bring the classic tale of resilience and ingenuity to life with our Three Little Pigs Peg Doll Set. Meticulously crafted and hand-painted, each figure embodies the spirit of the three determined little pigs and the cunning Big Bad Wolf. From the brick-layer to the straw enthusiast and the stick advocate, this collection captures the charm and lessons of the timeless story.

Ideal for both playtime and storytelling, our Three Little Pigs Peg Doll Set invites children and adults alike to reimagine the tale of the sturdy houses and the huffing and puffing wolf. Add this delightful set to your fairy tale and nursery rhyme collection, and let the adventures of the Three Little Pigs unfold in the hands of imaginative storytellers.

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