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When I Grow Up Set

When I Grow Up Set

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Journey through dreams and aspirations with our "When I Grow Up" peg doll set! Each meticulously hand-painted figure represents a world of possibilities, from brave firefighters and innovative scientists to graceful dancers and intrepid astronauts. Crafted with love and imagination, this set is designed to inspire young minds to dream big and explore endless career pathways. Whether for play or display, these dolls are a tribute to the limitless potential in every child. Ignite the spark of ambition and let your little ones envision a future as boundless as their imaginations!

If our standard "When I Grow Up" peg doll set doesn't quite encompass the careers or characters you're envisioning, we're here to make your vision come alive! Once you've placed an order, simply reach out to us with your customization requests. You can email us at, or send a direct message on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Together, we'll ensure your set is a perfect reflection of your aspirations and dreams. Let's co-create a set that tells your unique story!


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