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Zoo Set

Zoo Set

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Zoo Animal Peg Doll Set:

Venture into the diverse and lively world of the zoo with our Zoo Animal Peg Doll Set. Each figure, intricately crafted and hand-painted, mirrors the fascinating creatures we often admire behind zoo fences. From the roaring majesty of the lion and the graceful strides of the giraffe to the playful antics of monkeys and the gentle gaze of the elephant, this collection is a mini-safari right in your hands. Whether you're an animal lover or seeking a fun, educational tool for children, this set promises a world of wildlife exploration.

Customizing Your Zoo Set:
While our set celebrates a spectrum of zoo favorites, we understand that everyone has their beloved animal or a particular zoo memory they cherish. If there's a specific animal or design detail you're keen on including, we're here to help bring it to life. Simply reach out with your customization requests on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or email us directly at Together, let's craft your personalized zoo adventure.

Pick & Choose Zoo Peg Doll Set of Four:

Delve deeper into the animal kingdom with our Pick & Choose Zoo Peg Doll Set. This unique offering allows you to handpick a set of four peg dolls, selecting from the wide array of animals you might encounter during a zoo visit. However, if preferences aren't communicated within a 24-hour period post-purchase, four animals will be chosen at random for your set, adding a touch of unpredictability and excitement to your collection.

Note on Customization:
Accuracy and timeliness are essential. Ensure your customized order is perfectly tailored to your preferences by communicating your requests within 24 hours of placing the order. Failure to communicate within this timeframe may result in a default or random selection being dispatched. Just as in the animal kingdom, precision and timing are key!

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